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Everything you need to comply with EASA regulations
for Flight Time Limitations in one place.

In February 2016 new EASA regulations came into effect. Every airline in Europe should have implemented their new Flight Time Limitations, and for the first time they will be required to apply Fatigue Risk Management principles to their crew rosters.

Only a few airlines have a full Risk Management System (FRMS) in place and approved, and over the next few years all will have to move to that position. This is not a straightforward task, and needs your airline to have the following in place:

  • your own fatigue manager
  • new set of rules
  • reporting process
  • flight data monitoring analysis
  • safety trend monitoring
  • roster metric analysis
  • crewing systems updated / upgraded
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The product

What we are offering

Is to take away much of the complication and the hard work involved. Many software manufacturers are claiming that their Crew Management Systems give you “FRMS” – they do not!

They give you a useful and valuable tool, but this is only a small part of what you will need to do to ensure compliance.

Our modular package gives you access to:

  • customisable Flight Time Limitations ruleset
  • customisable forms manual
  • outline project plan
  • Compliance Checklist
  • Training Package
  • Risk Management Matrix
  • Report Tools
  • Access to Industry and Subject Matter Experts
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Whats in the box

Basic Advanced Super
Accountable Manager Responsibility Letter
FRMS Manual
Background Information
Risk Management Matrix
Fatigue Awarness Overview
Fatigue Awarness Training - Crew + Ops Intro
Fatigue Management Crew Advanced
Safety Case
Fatigue Report
Rostering Training Package
Annual Leave Policy
Roster Metrics
Policy on Disruptive Schedules & Contacting Crew
Fatigue Awarness for Commercial Planning
Discretion Reporting
Commuting Policy
FRMS Quality Assurance
Fatigue Prediction Analysis
Fatigue Communication Plan
Split Duty Policy
Standby Policy
Reserve Policy
Rest period policy
Record Keeping
Transition Plan
Compliance Checklist

Available as

Quality Assurance

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One of the hardest parts of setting up your FRMS is showing to the authority that you have a robust assurance programme, and that you are checking the results of all the tools and training that you have put in place.

Our proprietary App allows you to manage this by combining in a truly unique way:
  • Flight Data Monitoring
  • roster information
  • sleep diaries and sleepiness scores
  • circadian rhythms
  • automatically generated reports

A simple data entry tool that draws information from any of your systems and gives the crew member a simple and intuitive data entry portal, and presents the information you need to ensure that the FRMS is working, and to show the Authority that not only do you have robust procedures in place but you are checking them and proving compliance.


Pricing and delivery

Our industry experts will work with you to determine the scale and scope of your operation, and which modules you will need to ensure your airline is compliant with the EASA regulations.

We can then simply deliver the tools and templates for you to customise and use as your own.

Or if you prefer, we can offer coaching and guidance to steer you through more involved and complicated setups. We have experienced teams who have set up full FRMS in civil and military airlines and other transportation and logistic operations such as the oil and gas industry and police forces.

You pay for what you take.

This will save you:
  • the salary of a full time dedicated forms manager
  • the salary of a full time dedicated safety analyst
  • 100s of hours of setting up documents and spreadsheets
  • unnecessary submissions and rejections to the authority
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We aim to save you money by delivering a full FRMS for a small carrier (up to 10 aircraft) for less than the salary of one Ops Controller.

Why this is right for you

Everyone in our team has a history in Aviation. We are not entering the market with a new untried product – this is based on existing and approved FRMS schemes which are in operation across Europe now. All we have done is packaged everything together and made it available in one place.

It is up to you how many modules you take. You can make use of existing in house experience and top up where necessary, or you may even be looking just for an example or some ideas on what metrics or trends you should be using.

If you want a fully bespoke end to end installation driven by us, then we can deliver that too.
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